Why Softcore

Why Softcore

Our Core values and practical experience enables us to maximize Clients ROI on IT by following rigid Code of Conduct towards all sphere of development Cycle – From Development to Implementation.

Quality Offerings:

24+ Years Of IT Experience We have immense and vast experience with diverse Projects Handled and implemented since 1996.

High Quality Standards

By following a Planned and Organized approach towards various IT Standards, Etiquette and Development Protocols as defined from time to time. Each & every Project is tested and analysed..

Experienced IT Professionals

Experienced IT Professionals work in tandem with Customers to provide on time commitments.

Expertise On Diverse & Latest Technologies & Domains

SOFTCORE adapts to latest Technologies and Cloud Computing for a future proof services.


SOFTCORE maintains high Level of transparency/openness with Clients from beginning of the project till delivery and implementation. That’s not all; even our support and Annual maintenance Contracts (AMC) are fair and transparent to Clients.

Timely Delivery Of Projects

Team SOFTCORE understands the importance of timely delivery of Projects and prioritizes Delivery as per needs of the project and viability of implementation and as per deadline agreed.

Cloud Computing

SOFTCORE provides Cloud computing for Clients who require centralized Operation of ERP’s and Software with ample cloud space facility. We have our own dedicated servers with sufficient bandwidth and optimum speed with robust security for data.

Android & IOS Platform

With Businesses moving to Mobile and a desire to get information on the move and for Customer centric applications for mass client’s base- Android & iOS applications is the answer.

Creative & Innovative Ideas

With Open Bench platform for Employees, we have a steady workflow of ideas and inputs from all team members in the Company. This helps collaborate- Pool Resources within Teams and makes Projects easier to execute.

Active Support

We call it Pro-active support spanning onsite and offsite problem troubleshooting.

IT Staffing Solution

We provide trained professionals for Clients site working (On our own ERP/Software) on demand. Also trained Software professionals are readily offered by us on Outsourced Employee Placement Module.

Proper Hierarchy & Escalation Path

A systematic approach to workflow management is what we adhere to within our Organization. A proper reporting hierarchy is followed on each Client queries so that it gets registered, assigned and followed upon and be completed within specified time frame.