Software Development

Software Development

As we know, Software Development is the process of collectively integrating information, research, designing the work flow, Programming and testing, A Systematic approach is applied to the development popularly known as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & Software teams work as per the PLAN.

With our expertise and passion for quality, our products are remarkable, fine-tuned, and up to date with latest technology.

Our expertise being comprehensive i.e. covering every phase of Software development; our support unparalleled, we lay special emphasis on Pre development phase and post implementation maintenance and support.

Application Software Development

ERP’s, stand-alone retail Software Packs, Accounts and Finance solutions including GST & E-way Bill integrated ERP’s, Billing and Inventory Solutions, Payroll solutions, Retails chain solutions, garment and manufacturing ERP’s, Etc. In any approach to Software development,

the core methodology remains the same i.e. Prerequisite Data gathering, Design, Implementation, Testing and maintenance.

Research Based Software Development

Research can be integrated in Software Development with Practical experience and human interference towards building customized Software with continuous inputs from Clients, so as to deliver a ready retail product complete in all aspects of needs and demands of Industries. Apart from this, SOFTCORE engages in research for System Software Development and SAP- ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) at a micro level.