Commision Agent Management Software

Commision Agent Management Software

Commission Agent Management Software provide the ability to create complex commission structures for your agents - Automatically generate commission (agent side, brokerage side, franchise, teams, etc.) . Create dynamic reports based on income data.

CAM Software offers a single solution for commission agents, looking to gain increased operational effectiveness in garment industry.

You can manage the most complex facets of Adhattrade with this versatile solution. Users will find CAM Software with full set of tools a helpful ally in Commission Agents. It ensures visibility throughout the process that is being defined in it.

Benefits of CAM Software:

  • Easy & Fast billing with Accuracy.
  • Cross check of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost.
  • Auto Order generation & Best suppliers planning.
  • Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement.
  • Integrated Accounting.
  • Easy & Fast Billing.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Invoices Export/Import, Any report in Excel.
  • 100% Accuracy & Data Reliability.

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