Trading Management Software

Trading Management Software

Trading Management Software  is one of Our most popular software that has been designed for firms engaged in Trading. This software fulfills each and every need of a Company. It can be used by all levels of management in a Company with ease and speed; which in turn maximize productivity for the company and a resource to track all activities within the company right from sourcing, inventory to distribution and accounts.

Trading Software  is fully designed to comply with the growing needs of the company. It is user-friendly software with Graphical user Interface requiring least maintenance and comes with after sales support. Unlike other Software available in the market Trading Software provides you with complete Data security and it can be customized to deliver data and reports only to legitimate users in a standalone or Network Versions of the software.

Hence the solution lies in the Right software Implementation that can maximaize revenue from the existing resources and standardize manufacturing-Distribution Network in your Company.

Features of Trading Software :

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Customizable modules as per recognization
  • Intigration Inventory + Accounts + Sale / Dispatch
  • Instant Report generation for management
  • One step track of item, quantity, payments & ledgers of parties
  • Reporting
  • Easy to implement on a single computer 
  • Performance for raise and appriciation 
  • User friendly automated backup procedures 
  • Provisioning for department wise user rights assignments 
  • Available as both standalone and network version 

Modules Included in Trading Software :

  • Purchase  Order Module
  • Sale Order Module
  • Sale & Purchase Module
  • Barcode Module
  • Godown Transfer Module
  • Transporter & Builty Management Module
  •  MIS Reports Module

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