Garment Retail Management Software

Garment Retail Management Software

Retail Software is aimed to manage all the requirements of the individual shops or retail chain in an efficient, effective way as it has highly flexible configurations that are capable of meeting customer’s unique requirements. A retailer can generate reports as per his need; even he can generate a report which contains the complete details of the business within a single report.  

Retail software is used by all small, medium and large enterprises. The main purposes of using a software is to regulate pricing, calculate taxes, inventory management and manage POS,billing and payroll.

Retailing software are both Installation and SaaS based. It is designed especially for Point of Sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management  (CRM), Inventory Management and retail accounting.

The features include Retail Inventory Management which helps to manage different aspects of retailer’s supply chain. CRM to support multi channel retailing and retain customers. Retail accounting for inventory control, transaction monitoring and pricing. Order Management to keep the track of orders being made. Transportation management to track deliveries and also Chain store management. Retail billing management to optimize store performance and increase productivity.

Features of Retail Management Software

Retail management is all about customer engagement with fast results, following are the essential features of retail management software:

Point of Sale Efficiency
Realtime purchases
Employee Empowerment
Understanding Customers

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