Mobile App Hosting

Mobile Data Apps Hosting


With Mobility being the need of today’s Business environment to function efficiently and to bring customers and buyers closer to the product and services that it offers. Mobile apps come and fill this gap.

When a business wants its employees to work or connect through mobile apps, a large amount of data is required to be available at their disposal that works on real-time basis or when a business wants to connect with large customers through smartphones and web, offer products and services, conduct e-commerce activities, etc.

A large amount of data to be accessible to everyone is required, the data that is in sync and in real-time, payments that works in real time.

All the above activities are possible if the software application and mobile application is on cloud and gets updated in real time.

This is what Softcore offers to Clients, a solution for internal operations as well as Business applications for mass usage with dedicated cloud space that works with speed and accuracy that the business demands.

A cloud solution that is future ready and secure