GMIS ERP Purchase Order Module offers to maintain masters for various suppliers and their contacts, track purchases, get a complete purchase rate history including order delivery, etc

GMIS records various details pertaining to suppliers, purchase orders, purchase requests, quality checks, purchase returns and much more. It enables you to evaluate a supplier based on delivery time, quality of material and cost of procurement.

Linking accounts and inventory with the purchase process, it enables a business optimize its procurement processes and patterns, thereby improve quality and reduce cost/time of procurement and gain a distinct competitive edge.

Some of the prominent heads included in Purchase Order module are:

I. Item Purchase Order Book (PO)

II. Item Purchase Book

III. Purchase Return Book

IV. Go down Transfer Book

V. Design Purchase Book

VI. Design Purchase Return Book

VII. Etc.

VIII. Purchase Order Report

IX. Pending Purchase Order

X. Purchase Bills Tracing

XI. Payment and Journal Reports

XII. Stock/Inventory Report

XIII. Balance Stock Statements


Stay in control of your valuable Inventory and automate your entire materials management process with GMIS ERP Software

With integrated accounts module, inventory module helps a firm keep track of costing and profit through Purchase to sale

This module automatically updates the inventory balance when PO gets created or when issue or sale happens.


Sampling being one of the key elements of Pre Production Planning primary for Exports, Our GMIS/EMIS ERP assists to create cost effective methodology for getting buyers approval. In GMIS, sampling cost analysis is done through DESIGN COST sub module that helps to create cost analysis of a particular design for approval.

This is a part of EMIS ERP and can be included in GMIS on demand or customization.

Sampling lets manufacturer derive estimates of a particular Design by:

I.Yarn or fabric consumption

II. Cutting cost

III.Stitching Cost

IV. Dyeing Cost

V.Printing Cost

VI.Packing Cost

VII. Design wise cost report

VIII.Design wise payment

Design wise cutting and Issue


GMIS ERP’s Pre production planning module can be summarized as evaluating the cost and resources for the bulk production of garments and is primarily a part of EMIS ERP. It includes details like type of Garment or style with reference number to each design, fabric type, and colour specification, description with photo, quantity and materials cost input for accessories like buttons, zippers, labels, etc.

Precision in calculating cost input can save time and help with the optimum use of resources, and increasing ROI. In a way pre-production involves evaluating steps from Purchase to production and dispatch.

Through Design cost sheet, as depicted in sampling, one can evaluate costing through various heads like cutting, stitching, Job work, material costing, press and packing, etc


Production control module of GMIS ERP is the largest and comprehensive system that manages flow of data right from the time the materials are issued from inventory department till it is returned from the packing section.

So along with stock tracking, accounts are also maintained for each vendor or contractor, their payments are calculated, reissue and returns are recorded and updated into system with intelligent MIS reports for owner and higher management to see and evaluate the entire manufacturing life cycle at their fingertips.

Whether the manufacturing of garments is in house or outsourced partly, you get all vital information at your disposal.

Some of the prominent heads included in the Production Control module:

Cutter Cloth Issue Book/Receipt Book/Return Book

Sub-Design Issue Book/Receipt Book/Return Book

Contractor Cloth /Material Issue Book

Contractor Design Receipt Book

Contractor Cloth/Material Return

In House production Issue/Receipt/Return

Washing Issue/Receipt/Return

Re-issue/Re-issue Return Book

Press Issue/Return & Packing Issue/Return

Debit Deduction Book

Design Debit Book & Cloth Debit Book

Receipt Book & Payment Book

Journal Book

Design wise cutting & Issue

Address Labels

Design wise Payment

Lot Status Report

Finished Stock report

Contractor/Washing Unit/Job work Report

Fabricator wise Register Reports

Sales Register

Vendor wise sales Report

Area wise sales report

Sales commission Report


Sale order module of GMIS ERP allows keeping track of Sales order and their execution. With Our module, one can keep track of sales process in an efficient way and intelligent reporting helps to minimize delay in Sales delivery and transfer to Shop as per order. Some of the prominent heads included in Sale Order module are:

Generate Sales Order

I. Generate Sales Order

II. Create Packing List

III. Sale/Issue to Shop

IV. Sales Return & Sales Invoicing

V. Auto Inventory Adjustment

VI. Transport Receipt

VII. Pro-forma Invoice

VIII. Go down Transfer Book, Etc.

IX. Sales Order Report & Sales Register

X. Balance Stock Statements

XI. Ready Stock Report, Etc.


Like production Control module, GMIS - Sale module is designed to integrate inventory with accounts of customers; their payments and outstanding, pending sales order, Dispatch summary and shop register, etc.

In sales (EMIS) module we cover:

I. Sales entry with Sales return

II. Credit note generation with adjustment in Customer’s Invoice.

III. Product and Bill wise discountIII. Product and Bill wise discount

IV. Integrated financial accounts up to balance sheet

V. Day book, Debtors and creditors entry

VI. Trial balance

VII. Bank reconciliation

VIII. Last invoices of customers accessible, Etc.

Some of the reports that are available are:

FIFO Outstanding

Sales Register- Customer wise summary and details

Pending Sales order

Cash Book and Day book

Bilty Report

Design wise/Area Wise/Party Wise sales report

Sales bill printing in triplicate

Sales bill printing in triplicate

Sales performance report

Current stock status, stock valuation and LOT history

Dynamic MIS report on user based filters like–Customer, brand, design, colour, size, etc.

VAT/GST Reports

FIFO based reports – Slow moving garments/High value sales garments, Etc.


Accounting is one of the most significant functions of the GMIS ERP and its well-integrated into the system for unified reporting of Purchase, Inventory, production and sales.

GMIS enables you to view the entire accounts cycle of Suppliers, contractors, Job workers, and buyers to Agents.

Some of the prominent features that work behind, while you operate the software on a day to day basis are:

Manage Suppliers, contractors, fabricators and buyers Accounts

Manage Accounts receivables and payables

Separate fabricator and Contractor wise Accounts summary & description.

General financial Reporting* – general ledger, Trial balance, Balance Sheet, P & L Accounts, Ledgers and cash flows, etc.

Financial year closing

Bank Reconciliation

Trial balance Reports

Balance sheet reports as per Module Purchased.

Profit and Loss Statements

Customer ledger reports and summary as per filter

Monthly and Annual ledger Reports

Payment voucher entry and reports

Voucher entry & printing

Date wise voucher listing

Cash flow reports

Financial year setting

Ledger posting

Year-end processing

GST Provision & Tax calculator as per Module* Purchased.

Provision to add E-way Bill* Software for instant e-way bill generation from within the GMIS/EMIS ERP itself.


The above said Modules do have enormous scope to effectively work in any of the Environment. All the above Modules include Management Reports.

GMIS ERP has the ability to generate extensive reports for the use of all levels of Management in the Company and has already been depicted above some of the prominent reports alongside Module details

Operational Information Reports –

Tactical Information Reports –

Strategic Information Reports –