Enterprise Android & ioS Development

Enterprise Android & ioS Development

With Latest mobile technology trends, more and more businesses are beginning to take advantage of Enterprise Mobility to streamline their work process, boost efficiency and better engage with their Employees. Through Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Enterprises can manage their employees through common platform - Android or ios Apps as per user rights and privileges. Through these applications, Enterprise server shares data with its employees that are designed as per needs of specific users to conduct business from multiple locations.

At SOFTCORE, We understand the needs of SME’s and medium to large enterprises to conduct business chores on Apps developed on Android and ioS platforms.

The other aspect of this mobility is for conducting business online on mobile platform for commercial purposes through e-commerce applications or vendor and customer can be managed through apps.

E-commerce enabled application can connect businesses to potential customers around the Globe. ERP’s and Software’s are actively being operated from mobile now days with technology and people going mobile.

SOFTCORE develops and implements business Applications for varied sectors like Garment Industry, where Users or customers can order online, check products, see the status of their order, check delivery schedule. Customers can also check their accounting reports, and delivery challans, bilty, transport docs, etc, all on their mobile.

Developers at SOFTCORE are fully compentent and experienced to develop apps as per user requirement using latest tools and software available like java or ios development tools, etc.

This division is actively developing,handling and providing mobile solution in android and ios platforms