Dealers & Distributors


is open to bring in Dealers and distributors or channel partners for its distribution of Readymade Software Packages. Often Large and medium level firms wants customization in the Software as per their way of functioning and reporting, so we do provide that at the best competitive Price

SOFTCORE boasts of having many innovative and Complex ERP solutions especially in the Garment and Textile sector. Software like

☛GMIS (Garment Manufacturing Information System)

☛BIS (Billing Information System)

☛GTIS (Garment Trading Information System)

☛GTTS (Garment and Textile Trading System)

☛IMS (Inventory Management System)

☛WDS/WUMS (Washing & Dyeing Management System)

☛Export ERP’s, Whole sale management, GST/e-WAY Bill

☛Billing and Accounts Softwares, aadhat/arhat ERPEt

☛Billing and Accounts Softwares, aadhat/arhat ERPEt


Apart from Garment sector – We have retail solutions in sectors like Accounts/Billing, Automobile, Education, Health, Engineering and Manufacturing sector, FMCG, Retail, Etc.