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Corporate Training

Today it is clear – We do not not need  ” surface polish” and “great” achievements; we need laborious “dirty” long work with real persons – manager and specialists of concrete enterprises.

It is necessary to organize work in the sphere of education , discussion and solution of complex problems appearing in their working practice. In this case it is impossible to avoid staff reduction or its professional retraining. Optimization of use of technological resources, legalization of new relations in the team.

This problem cannot be solved on impulse, by enormous financial investments, attraction of “super-consultants”. Managers should completely change their philosophy and attitude to work ; step-by-step learning of modern methods and ways of managing a company as a single developing system  is needed.

Investments in the form of new technique, equipments and technologies do not lead to a proper result because companies ‘ staff is not ready to use the best world achievements.

In this connection the role of managerial team of every company increases. It should formulate the strategy of business development, work out and realize the program of a company’s restructuring that will be the base for success on the world market, and do this independently, using the best world achievements.

For companies representing different branches of economy and form of proerty process of restructuring can be considerably  different, this really creates the basis for corporate  training programs. The purpose of corporate training is real success of business. Corporate training has a number of certain advantages over the traditional forms of training organization in different training centers.

Let us point out the most important advantages:

   Solution of concrete problems of company’s business development.

   Effective use of intellectual potential of a company.

   Maximal disclosing of available reserves and finding new possibilities.

Forming a new team of managers and specialists able to find andsettle problems appearing in and outside the company.

Our Training Solutions:

Etiquette Training

Writing Skills

Customer service Training

Presentation skills

Communication Skills

Cross-Cultural Communication Skills

Management Training

Self management Skills


** Special Customer Training According to business requirement