Billing & Inventroy Software (BIMS) ERP

Billing & Inventroy Software (BIMS) ERP

Business depends heavily on accurate accounting and calculations of stock to conduct day to day operations. There are many solutions available which eliminates erroneous process in business and increase efficiency.

Billing and Inventory system developed by SOFTCORE is an integrated solution for Manufacturers, Traders and Retailers who can organize their entire procurement to delivery process through this software.

Traders can incorporate data from purchase to sales and get intelligent reporting for management for efficient planning and output (Increase ROI).

The modules included in the BIMS software are:

BIMS-Billing and Inventory Management Software is powerful and easy to use software which can manage inventory and accounting along with BARCODE printing. It has many features which allow you to configure Billing and Inventory Management software as per your business needs.

“This software has been designed so that the users finds it extremely easy to use and requires minimum efforts to use it.”

Modules of Billing & Inventroy Software (BIMS) ERP:


PURCHASE & STOCK Module – Inventory Module

SALE Module

LEDGER/Accounts Module

MIS Reports Module

Utilities Module

Along with the above said modules the following given reports are there out of which any number of report can be selected which are of great use for the management concerned to the manufacturing or trade Unit. Reports can be generated as per the needs and requirements of the Company.